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Body Mind Wellness with Ora Lefebvre

August 10, 2009


Assisting people to attain their fullest potential.


“I consulted Ora because I felt so tired, with pain in my back.

Ora discovered I had a virus and that my spine was out of alignment. After treatment I felt much better and was able to get back to work.”

Mr. P.L.
New Zealand

“For fifteen years I had IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome). After many tests, no solution was obtained. From the first treatment with Ora I felt much better and my bowels worked normally.

My depression has completely gone.”

Mrs. M. M.

“For close to a year I was continually tired, often getting sick. I put it down to stress.

Finally I got so sick I had to take two months off work to recuperate. My doctor told me it was a virus and to rest. Rest! I felt I had been doing nothing but resting and I still was not getting any better. Finaly I called Ora. She located two viruses in my system. After the first session I felt markedly better, and by the third I had my old energy and enthusiasm back.”

Ms D. H.
New Zealand