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Ora Lefebvre

“Health is balance between mind, body and spirit.”

Hippocrates BC400

I believe in non invasive way to help you regain equilibrium, using revolutionary approaches to pain relief, mental well being, and happiness.

I have Trained in UK, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and USA and have over twenty years of clinical experience.

I am a Master Practitioner of NLP.  My background includes nine years of training and certification in

      * Neuro Linguistic Programming ®
      * Neurolink ®
      * Deep Tissue body treatment
      * Iridology and Sclarology
      * Body Electronics
      * Aromatherapy
      * Reflexology
      * Manual Lymphatic Draining
      * Touch for Health I, II
      * Reiki I, II & III
      * Psychodrama/Counseling
      * EFT
      * Feng Shui
        * The  BodyTalk System


                 * Cranio Sacral Therapy


I love my work!

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